Patroness:                               Mrs Marilyn Warren


President:                                Mr James Camac


Vice President:                        Miss Ann Maree Burrell


Secretary:                                Mrs Marilyn Warren

                                                Ph:                               03 9748 6753

                                                Email:                        [email protected]


Treasurer:                               Mr Paul Zechovsky



                                                Mrs Anky Berry

                                                Ms Colleen Treacy

                                                Mrs Lois Wilkinson

                                                Mr Mick Wilkinson

                                                Kira Wilkinson

                                                Cathy Zechovsky

                                                Mrs Julie Church

                                                MIss Janelle Waddington



Honary Members:                   Mrs Florence Males (USA)
    Mr David Mosdale (USA)


Financial Year:                        1st January – 31st December


Membership:                           Joining Fee                  $ 5

                                                Annual Fee                  $15

                                                Dual Membership       $25

                                                Child U/16                   $ 5

Advertising:                             Full page per edition   $ 5

                                                Hall page per edition  $ 2.50


*** Articles and submission are not to be re-printed without the permission of the club in writing.


Meetings held periodically during the year and notice of such meeting will be sent by post, email fax and newsletter.